Answer Monday! (Part 3)

If USC does not make the postseason in baseball, it will mark the sixth time in seven years the Trojans do not advance to the NCAA Tournament.

Q: kptrojan said:
What’s your take on why the Trojan baseball team is not reaping a greater success level? Look at other programs in the Southern Cal region (Cal-State Fullerton, UCR, USD, Cal Irvine) as these schools are not in “powerhouse conferences”. Where as both the Trojans and UCLA (former Pac 10 powers) have fallen off with their programs? Are the top Southern Cal High School prospects really by passing USC for CSUF, UCR, USD and so forth? Fight On!

A: It’s always tough for a private school when it comes to baseball because of the 11.2 scholarship limit, which greatly reduces the chances for error when it comes to taking players. That said, Mike Gillespie seemed to be pretty successful at it until the last couple seasons he was at USC. Chad Kreuter currently looks on his way to a third straight season without an NCAA Tournament appearance and the program’s showing no improvement. You can blame the fact some players went pro before showing up at USC but that’s a factor for every coach in recruiting. UCLA is a greater mystery because John Savage has been successful the past couple years and as a public school the Bruins can split scholarships a lot easier than USC because the tuition is so much lower.

Q: uscmike said:
What are the relative chances of the four QBs to start (your total should add up to 100%):
Aaron Corp
Mitch Mustain
Matt Barkley
Garrett Green

Also, on a related note, do you think PC will name a starting QB after Spring Practice, or will he wait until the fall? Thanks, Scott.

A: I’d say Corp 50 percent, Mustain 45, Barkley 5 and Green 0. Carroll usually names a starter in spring and I think it will happen again unless Barkley is so successful it causes him to extend the competition to training camp before naming a starter. However, Carroll likes naming someone in spring because he believes it improves their confidence in the summer if they know they are the No. 1 QB.

March 26, 2009 1:54 PM
gilligan said:
Who will be the 3rd and 4th WRs? Thanks.

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