Answer Monday! (Part 4)

More questions about the receiving rotation.

Q: gilligan said:
Who will be the 3rd and 4th WRs? Thanks.

A: That’s going to be one of the questions for next season. David Ausberry should be third or fourth but then it’s pretty open who will join him. It might be Jordan Cameron. Or Brice Butler/D.J. Shoemate. In training camp, De’Von Flournoy will even get a chance. And if they go by speed, Travon Patterson should be in the mix.

Q: arealrascal said:
What do you think are the chances Trojans assistant men’s basketball coach Bob Cantu will get the job at Cal Poly? He interviewed on Monday.

A: I’ve heard Brad Holland is the frontrunner but Cantu is from the area and is no doubt getting Tim Floyd to lobby for him. I’d be curious what Floyd would say in an interview since he keeps a tight rein on how much coaching he allows his assistants to actually do.

Q: Marky Marc said:

Q: In an interview posted Thursday, Mitch Mustain said with regards to Mark Sanchez, “He played a little more conservative in a sense. He played kind of for preservation it seemed like.” Sanchez also said Corp will win the starting job. Does Mustain have a strained relationship with Sanchez?

A: Sanchez and Mustain are completely different personalities so they were never going to be close. Plus they were in competition against other. And Corp is from Orange County, like Sanchez, so there is some camaraderie there. Sanchez and Mustain did not have a strained relationship, they just were not close. That’s not unusual with quarterbacks.

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