Answer Monday! (Part 6)

This segment includes a question about position changes.

Q: MRSAM said:
Many players changed position in the offseason for example Jones to cornerback, Simmons back to defensive tackle, Armstead to defensive end, and Pinkard to safety. I am surpised by Pinkards move to safety with Mays, Harris, and McAllister already there at safety and the incoming recruiting class, cornerback has less depth and Sharecee Wright is not back yet. My Why did Pete Carroll move Josh Pinkard to safety when there is more need for him at cornerback and why did he move Armstead to defensive end when we have some players (Griffin, Jackson, Horton, and recruiting class) already there and defensive tackle needs help?

A: Pinkard is playing safety because he wants to play the spot (his first position at USC) and thinks he coul d play it in the NFL. I think his stock is higher at CB because of his size, which makes him a unique corner. Armstead is moving to DE because they want to try and get the four best players on the field. That is still a work in progress and could change, however.

Q: Nathan Exp said:
Do you think Coach Carroll’s rah-rah, let’s rip our shirts off and chant approach would work in the NFL? Is he really considered by NFL owners when HC jobs open up?

A: No, it would not work in the NFL and some things he did in the NFL backfired. I’ve heard different things but there is a substantial camp in the NFL that believes he is not suited for pro football and needs to stay in college. At New England, there were examples of things where he lost control of the team because the players are jaded and less likely to follow orders.

Q: YogiBear said:
Can you tell who the player was that was banned from winter workouts. Will Matt Barkley redshirt his freshmen year like John David Booty,and Mark Sanchez if he does not win the starting quarterback job, it would be useless to play him with Mitch Mustain and Aaron Corp?

A: I think it’s wise to redshirt Barkley if he does not win the job. I will check my sources to see if I can reveal the player since some time has passed.

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