Answer Monday! (Part 7)

No word yet if there will be an encore performance of last year’s youtube production of the walk-on tryouts.

DFWTrojan said:
Q: Where did you go on Spring Break? Pflorida?

A: No, I went to PEurope.

Q: TrojanChamp said:
How is football recruiting, there has not been a commit in a while, what is the issue with the lack of commits compared to last year?

A: There’s no reason to force anyone to commit right. Remember a year ago, USC got quite a few early commitments and a few of those players went elsewhere. I would not worry too much about it right now. Wait till the summer camps in June and see who commits by then. It’s still very early. Not even April yet.

Q: Champion said:
Why would Daniel Hackett consider going to the NBA early, it seems more reasonable for him to stay and improve? Who do you expect to leave this year, we currently have more players on next years roster and less scholarships if the whole team(non-seniors return)?

A: I don’t know why almost any player thinks of going pro early but that’s me. I would expect DeMar DeRozan and Taj Gibson to turn pro. I doubt Hackett would turn pro. No one asks about Dwight Lewis but I’d guess he would leave if he thought he could get drafted in the first round.