Answer Tuesday!

How much will the offense really change under Jeremy Bates?

Q: gotroy22 said:
Is Jeremy Bates disgruntled that his shotgun offense he employed at Denver with great success is being junked?

A: I think he knew when he took the USC job the shotgun would be used a lot less. However, he wants to use it as much as possible on third down, which would be his own wrinkle for the offense. As time goes on and he becomes more comfortable, it would not surprise me if he tried to convince Pete Carroll to use more shotgun on first and second downs too. I also think he would tailor some plays for Aaron Corp, if he is the quarterback.

Q: JamesUSC99 said:
When you were covering the 2005 Trojan football team, did you think the Tings would be the players most likely to end up being photographed without their pants on? My money would have been on Matt Leinart.

A: I cannot disagree with this statement.

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