Answer Tuesday! (Part 3)

Back to the football questions.

Q: TROJANS32 said:
If Bates is going to call the plays, shouldn’t he be doing something more than just working with the QB’s, and, hopefully relatedly, is he considered somewhat of a liability in recruiting due to his lack of experience?

A: He does evaluate the offense but a lot of the organizational stuff is being handled by John Morton, who is technically the offensive coordinator. It was a way for Pete Carroll to promote Morton even though he was going to have Carl Smith (and then Bates) actually call the plays. I think he will go through a transition period with recruiting. He is not the rah-rah guy that Pete Carroll is but sometimes that works as a good counterbalance. We’ll have to see how recruits respond, which we’ll know more in June.

I thought Malik Jackson played great last year as a freshman. Don’t you personally think that they are trying Armstead at DE to see if he could back up the starters, because maybe Perry, Horton and the rest haven’t lived up to expectations so far? Thanks, Scott.

A: I’m also a big Jackson fan. I think they realize that next season they will likely rotate on the defensive line and if it works out, they can have Armstead and Jackson split time at the DE spot. Plus Armstead could also move inside and rotate with Jurrell Casey and Averell Spicer. It’s going to be interesting to see how Armstead works out at DE because otherwise USC will be pretty inexperienced there.

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