Answer Tuesday! (Part 4)

An interesting question here about the QB competition.

Q: Old School Trojan said:
During this tough economic recession when private, public and non-profit organizations are all drastically cutting costs in order to merely stay afloat, has the USC athletic department looked towards the Tings as inspiration by determining their best way to reduce the cost of unnecessary apparel is to have Trojan athletes perform in their underwear?

A: Actually, Nike is considering that for all of its schools, except Oregon, of course, where Phil Knight refuses to cut costs.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
Is the quarterback competition truly “open” or do you believe Pete privately favors one QB over the others?

A: It’s difficult to really know the true answer to that question although in 2003 I never go the sense the coaches wanted to go with Matt Cassel. Subsequently, the frontrunners in other years (Booty, Sanchez) strolled to the No. 1 job. This year it’s more open though I sense a slight advantage for Corp if all things are equal.

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