Answer Tuesday! (Part 6)

Washington opens spring practice today. Is this the true test of the Win Forever philosophy?

Q: BoscoH said:
How is Jeff Byers’ weight this spring?

A: He looks similar to the end of last season. Any big weight gain would likely be in the summer.

Q: LV Trojan said:
Hi Scott. In studying the buzz on the 2009 new recruits, along with reviewing how the 2008 recruits are expected to do, it is interesting to me that for every class there are highly rated recruits to do not see much of the field during their entire USC career. I realize some transfer, but most do not. Since you have an opportunity to talk to most players, can you tell me how some of these players, say, a Carswell, ellison, or Campbell, who were 4 star players out of high school, deal with the fact that they decided to go to USC where they got very little or no playing time when they could have gone to a lesser school and started?

A: Rhett Ellison was not expected to start when he signed although he saw the field last year and will contribute. But he was not a can’t-miss guy. He is valuable, however, because of the shortage of tight ends. Brandon Carswell is disappointed he did not play last season but said he will not transfer. I think Jordan Campbell also realized his size would make it difficult to play at USC. If these really made playing time the No. 1 priority, they would go to UNLV or Washington State. But they want to go to a big program . . . and play. That’s the risk.