Hammer Time

The USC-UCLA dual track meet gets an early start tomorrow with the hammer-throw competition at Mt. SAC at 2 p.m. The rest of the meet takes place Saturday at USC at 11 a.m.

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DVD Answers

OK, here’s the belated answers to the DVD contest questions.

1. Who were the biggest surprises of spring practice according to Pete Carroll.

“Malcolm Smith has been the biggest surprise of spring by far, along with Matt Barkley,” Carroll said.

2. What event drew the largest crowd in Galen Center history?

The premier of the movie, “High School Musical 3” drew the largest crowd according to USC. Fans were allowed to sit on the floor as well as filling the entire arena.

No one got both answers correct. Some people got one answer correct. So I may need a tiebreaker on this one. Any suggestions?

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Question Of The Day

Should we start keeping track of how long USC goes without a women’s basketball coach? The program’s been held hostage for 22 days so far as the Sparks and USC try to settle issues for the hiring of Michael Cooper.

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Sanchez Story

Here’s a story from Mark Sanchez on when he met the Jets officials prior to the draft.
“We were walking out of dinner and I’m saying bye to them and, just to get a feel for how loose I was with them and how much fun I was having, we’re walking out of dinner and they’re going to their car in the parking lot and I’m walking to my car and I see this big ol’ motorcycle right near their car so I pretended to go get on top of it and I was like, `alright guys, I’ll see you later.’
“And I was gonna grab the helmet and put it on my head, and they started dying laughing. And I went to my car and went off, but when I came in on Sunday, Rex Ryan brought up that story and he said, “man, that was so funny, I knew we had to have you right there.” So that was pretty cool.”

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Poll Scrutiny

The American Football Coaches Association will examine the results of a three-month review of the USA Today coaches’ poll at its annual spring meeting next week in Phoenix.
The group says the the goal of the review “is to assure that the Coaches’ Poll provides the greatest possible accuracy and reliability in its weekly rankings.”
The real issue is when the coaches will make their ballots open to the public on a weekly basis.

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