Answer Monday! (Song Girls Forum)

Time to give some attention to our other favorite forum.

Q: George in Marin County said:
Recently the USC Song Girls entered the fray of paranormal investigations. Some people would ask, why would college cheerleaders do something like this? Well, no one really knows why but many of the decisions and selections made by the leadership of the Song Girls this decade have defied explanations from this planet so it seemed to make sense they were going outside of their earthly boundaries.

So with this new direction, do you know if the Song Girls now refuse to perform to “Fight On” and will be dancing exclusively to the theme from Ghostbusters?

What can you reveal about how their first major uniform change in many years will consist of the “USC” letters being replaced with the Ghostbusters logo on their sweaters? Finally, is their official PR slogan being changed from “The World Famous USC Song Girls” to “USC Song Girls – They Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost”?

A: All I can say is the song tryouts resembled a paranormal experience since Keli Snyder did not make the cut.

Q: Ellendale said:

Shortly before the Pac-10 Women’s Basketball Tournament at the Galen Center, there was a sighting of the legendary Amanda Pflugrad on the USC campus. Is USC planning on removing the plaque by Doheny Library commemorating the visit of President John F Kennedy to the USC campus in 1961 and replacing it with a plaque of the historic day The Pflu set foot on the USC campus?

Pfight On!

A: Sounds sort of sacriligious but hey, how about a plaque outside the Galen Center instead with a small bust, perhaps. Otherwise we might have a Tim Floyd bust there one day as a requirement of his new contract extension.

Q: Chitown Trojan said:
More scary for the Song Girls – confronting ghosts in a “haunted” hospital or seeing the Tings without their pants on?

A: Definitely the latter.