Answer Wednesday! (SG Pforum)

The readers want to know what happened to a “Hot Girls in Scary Places” star?

Q: Brad’03 said:
Internet sensation and “star” (for lack of a better word) of “Hot Girls in Scary Places” Lindsey Grubbs has stated in interviews she is a theatre major and plans on pursuing a career as an actress upon her graduation from USC. Now a week before the debut of “Hot Girls in Scary Places,” Ms Grubbs was noticeably absent for the last two home basketball games at the Galen Center. During the week “Hot Girls in Scary Places” aired, Ms Grubbs was nowhere to be seen during the Pac-10 Tournament. The week after “Hot Girls in Scary Places” aired, Ms Grubbs was not at the NCAA Tournament in Minneapolis. She’s been missing for at least three weeks.

1) “Hot Girls in Scary Places” was universally panned by critics as being the worst show in the history of television. Could Ms Grubbs have seen the writing on the wall and realized that show would damage her chances of being taken seriously as an actress and has left the Song Girls?
2) Has Ms Grubbs become the latest Song Girl to mysteriously disappear without explanation?
3) On the team photo on the Song Girls website, Ms Grubbs is standing on the far left, so she appears to be a prime candidate to be the latest squad member to be airbrushed out of a picture using PhotoShop.

It’s time to put those investigative journalist skills to use here and find out where Ms Grubbs has gone and whether we should be expecting another Song Girl PhotoShopgate scandal.

A: I was not aware of this while I was away. I had heard the powers-that-be were actually happy about the involvement with the “Hot Girls” show.

Q: 29th Street said:
On that picture you took with the Oregon cheerleaders, what is the name of the girl on the far left? She’s amazing and could be the next rock star of the Oregon cheerleaders and this blog.

A: She was not at the Coliseum for my first picture and I had not seen her before. So I confess that I did not know her name. But it’s a great squad.

Q: Sharkeez Happy Hour said:
Considering how the great and beautiful Keli Snyder has done a lot of modeling work, could you get a quote regarding her views on the Tings’ foray into the world of mainstream modeling?

A: You’d like a model-to-model reaction? We’ll see what we can do.

Q: gotroy22 said:
Will you cover this years Song Girl Reunion?

A: Only if Keli Snyder attends.