Answer Wednesday! (SG Pforum)


Q: DFWTrojan said:
The lovely Lindsay, one of the few SG stars of this decade, has been missing from recent SG appearances. Where art thou, Lindsay? Was she captured by a ghost, goblin, or ghoul in the haunted hospital used as the setting for HGSP’s one episode?

A: I did see her on campus last week but I guess I’ll have to look into this one too.

Q: Ellendale said:
What can you say about the new USC Song Girl pSCychic SCenter on campus, where for a fee the Song Girls will channel the ghosts of your choice?

A: Maybe we can get Keli Snyder or Amanda Pflugrad to participate to really boost business.

Q: Harpoon Harry said:
In your original picture with the Oregon cheerleaders at the Coliseum last year, do you realize that THREE of those six girls (50 percent) were Sports Illustrated’s Cheerleader of the Week? That is a record!

A: I guess in old days you would have said that about USC.

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