Answer Tuesday! (Part 4)

Back to the answer grind.

Q: YogiBear said:
At Trojan Huddle I thought I saw former linebacker and now Green Bay Packer Clay Matthews on the sidelines, was he there? Also, who were the recruits at Trojan Huddle if any came out to see the scrimmage?

A: The Huddle is so big and has so many people that it’s hard to see everyone. I saw about 20-25 recruits in a section but was too busy trying to talk to current players so I didn’t really get a chance to see who was there.

Q: bsingleton said:
Are you surprised the New York media have already started asking Mark Sanchez questions about his arrest for sexual assault?

A: Of course not. But the media would do it in any city. It’s a legitimate question. The thing Mark Sanchez knows already is that in New York, every time you go to a club or go somewhere in Manhattan, it will make the papers. But he’s not going to be another Matt Leinart, so he’ll handle it.

Q: Harry Bawles said:
I’d like to ask about steroids and college football.
Let’s take USC for example, because we know they are clean, whereas the bRUINS might not be.
My hopefully interrelated question is, how often are the players tested, is it random, is it easy to cheat, and finally, what happens if a player is caught one or more times–are there NCAA rules here that govern?
Thanx in advance, as always.

A: Steroid testing occurs at the university level and at the NCAA level, such as bowl games. But steroid testing only occurs once or twice a year where drug testing occurs more often. If a player is caught using steroids, they immediately are suspended a year and cannot redshirt, which means they lose a year of eligibility.

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