Answer Wednesday! (Part 1)

It’s really hard to beat ESPN college football analyst Beano Cook. In his recent podcast, he said he would rather hang around the Taliban than baseball players. Anyone who ever spent time in a major-league locker room can relate to that.

Q: Old School Trojan said:
Was Rey Maualuga’s drop down to the second round of the NFL draft due to his off the field behavior and perceived lack of intelligence?

A: Everything plays a part when you drop in the draft. But I also think that a mindset developed among NFL teams as to whether he could play on third down and passing situations. That doesn’t mean I agree with it, but I heard it enough times on Pro Day to know it was a growing issue.

Q: ftfo2009 said:
Who will be the first player to start an NFL game in the playoffs: Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, or Aaron Corp?

A: Sanchez. He got about as good a situation as you could possibly get for being the fifth pick and is with a team that could make the playoffs next year. As long as he can handle the adjustment to the speed of the NFL next season, he might be the guy directing the Jets toward a possible playoff run.

Q: Sharkeez Happy Hour said:
Have you noticed the amazing resemblance between Reggie Bush’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian and a goat?

A: I can honestly say that this image has never occurred to me.

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