Answer Wednesday! (Part 2)

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Q: XmanX said:
Isn’t Jovan Vavic the best coach on the USC campus? Undefeated seasons with the men’s polo team and the favorites heading into the women’s final 4.

A: He’s certainly done a fine job the past few years but before I bestow a title like best coach on campus, let’s acknowledge that there are far less schools playing water polo across the nation than say, basketball, or track or tennis or just about any other sport. So while it’s a good accomplishment, it’s easier to be a big fish in a little pond. The question should be, “Why shouldn’t USC dominate a sport like water polo with its location?”

Q: davidallen760 said:
Wolfie- Are you jealous that you had to work hard by covering the Trojans in the draft while your UCLA counterpart, Brian Dohn, didn’t have to report on this weekend’s draft?

A: Yes, it was sheer torture going to Mark Sanchez’s draft party in Anaheim with hundreds of happy people and well-wishers after he got drafted by the Jets.

Q: Trezman1 said:
Do you think that the Jets possible desire to increase their team’s popularity within New York’s very large Hispanic population could have influenced their decision to draft Mark Sanchez?

A: I don’t think it hurt from a marketing standpoint but the Jets No. 1 priority is winning and Mark Sanchez was not drafted because he was Hispanic. If you’ve been to New York, you will know the fans will turn on an athlete no matter what his background is if he does not perform. If they drafted a player in the seventh round, yeah, maybe it could be to capture the hearts of the city. But the fifth pick? That’s too serious to squander just to sell a few jerseys. Unless you’re the L.A. Galaxy and sign David Beckham.

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