Answer Wednesday! (Part 3)

The answerfest continues with some late questions coming into the Weekend Forum.

Q: LV Trojan said:
Scott, in the scrimmages, including the Huddle on Saturday, is a quarterback ‘sack’ a tackle, or are quarterbacks protected?

A: A sack was considered a tackle. In every scrimmage, whether the quarterback was protected or not, sacks were considered tackles in the other scrimmages too, so there wasn’t much difference.

Q: bruinbrian said: has an article this morning saying Renardo Sidney is goin to commit to Mississippi St. Do you know anything about this?

A: It does appear that USC has backed off its recruitment of Renardo Sidney. The reason is unclear at this point. If it was an off-court worry, why didn’t it become an issue two months ago when USC was fine with taking Sidney?

Q: Fat Booster said:
When Brandon Carswell was a red-shirt, you often referred to him as one of the best receivers in practice? What has happened to him since them? Why doesn’t he appear to be in the mix, in your opinion?

A: He did have some flashes this spring where he made an impression but he is somewhat buried on the depth chart. I don’t really have an answer for why he is not playing? Just like I didn’t know why David Ausberry didn’t play before this spring. Or why Ronald Johnson did not get more opportunities last season when he was always open? The receiver rotation is always a mystery yet seems to follow a definite pecking order that can be difficult to shake up. Even after Jordan Cameron dominated the last two weeks of spring, there was a reluctance to come out and say he was probably the No. 4 receiver based on performance.

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