Answer Wednesday! (Part 5)

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Q: TrojanChamp said:
I am curious about the Matt Cassel effect on USC especially Mitch Mustain and Garret Green. I know Matt Barkley will be a first round pick according to Mel Kiper. Do you know from talking to NFL scouts if all four of USC current quarterbacks (Aaron Crop, Mitch Mustain, Matt Barkley, and Garret Green) will be drafted? What round will each of the four quarterbacks be drafted if Mustain and Green are only backups like Matt Cassel?

A: It’s obviously early to make predictions. Whoever starts will get drafted. Mustain could become another Cassel but that’s a tough analogy. How many Matt Cassel cases are there to look at? I think Garrett Green would try to be a special teams player in the NFL if he even wants to pursue that option. Corp’s stock depends entirely on how he performs the next couple years. Barkley’s arm makes him a big prospect.

Q: Jon said:
Check out It’s the first ever free-to-play soccer manager browser game.

A: The best.

Q: Peter Parker said:
Has Taj Gibson entered the NBA draft and is USC recruiting Lance Stephenson?

A: He has entered the draft but can withdraw by June 15 because he did not sign with an agent. USC is not recruiting Stephenson. He and Noel Johnson, who signed with the Trojans last fall, don’t really get along.

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