Answer Wednesday! (Part 6)

Now that we corrected the headlines, back to answering questions.

Q: The Wizard of Troy said:
Word is David Dunn actively lobbied NFL teams in large Latino markets (NYC, Miami, etc) to take Sanchez and play up the Latino marketing angle. Hence why the Jets made a very unexpected move to acquire him. What have you heard about this tactic?

A: Any agent worth his salt would point out a client’s advantages but as I pointed out earlier, no one is trading up 12 spots and giving up three players and banking their franchise’s future on someone simply because he is Hispanic. That only works with David Beckham. And he’s not Hispanic. I know the angle got played up on ESPN, but did USC sell more tickets last season because Mark Sanchez was Hispanic? Or because they won? I recall smaller crowds last year if anything.

Q: April 28, 2009 1:01 AM
davidallen760 said:
Who is projected to return kickoffs and punts this year?

A: I listed it all on Friday in the two deep. Ronald Johnson and C.J. Gable wil do kickoffs at the outset with Curtis McNeal a possible addition. Stafon Johnson, Damian Williams and Joe McKnight are the punt returners depending on who does not fumble.

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