Answer Thursday! (SG Forum)


Who’s making a field trip to Nadine’s Irish Mist in Sunset Beach?
Also, a special surprise inside this segment that answers a current reader obsession.

Before we answer questions, here’s an excerpt from the Daily Mail on Girls Aloud band member, Nicola.
“Her alabaster skin looked almost ghostly as a result of ultra pale powder, a look which has become her trademark since giving up on fake tan last year.”

Q: bsingleton said:
This picture of Girls Aloud shows them wearing the most obscene amount of makeup imaginable:

Did they get their inspiration from the USC Song Girls?

A: It’s nice to know they are providing inspiration across the Atlantic.

Q: Old School Trojan said:
In a poll of Pac-10 cheerleaders, where would you rank Girls Aloud? I would put them slightly behind the Oregon cheerleaders but well ahead of the UCLA Dance Team. Without that disturbingly pale girl, tied for first place.

A: I think that’s about right. Does that mean the Oregon cheerleaders could become a popular pop band in the United Kingdom while Girls Aloud could move to the United States and be the toast of the Pac-10?

Q: anony4321 said:
Given that the Song Girls pre-2000s had created such a great reputation for the squad, why do you feel that the Song Girls of this decade feel compelled to act in numerous salacious, tittilating, and frankly very tacky and embarrassing ways?

We go from Tricia Pillsbury to that super tacky show “Hot Girls in Scary Places. Isn’t that just unnecessary? It seems desperate to me.

A: Sometimes, when you don’t feel you get enough attention, you’ll do anything. That’s my only rationalization for a very bad TV show. In the Pillsbury era, it seemed like there was a much higher standard on what “events” were allowed to include song girls.

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