Answer Thursday! (Football Forum)

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Q: 1. In percentage points, what do you think is the percentage that allegations against tim floyd are true (regarding the yahoo report)?

2. What do you think is the percentage that either USC basketball or football will get penalized this year (other than probation)?

A: I’m assuming you refer to the allegation Floyd paid $1,000 cash to Rodney Guillory. The Floyd I know is a very shrewd person and I find it hard to believe he would do something that dumb in public and in Beverly Hills of all places.
I think the percentage USC gets some type of penalty is around 55 percent and at the moment, I think basketball might be in bigger danger. The caveat is we don’t know all the facts yet, or at least everything the NCAA knows. But you asked, so I answered.

Q: SCman said:
Do you know of any silent commits to the football program?

A: I’m aware of at least one but there could be more because of the desire to keep some commitments under the radar this season.

Q: More difficult accent to understand — Nadine Coyle or Cheryl Cole?

A: Ed Orgeron.