Answer Thursday! (Football Only)

Maybe we can combine two ideas here. Jolt Cola, which will sponsor the basketball program because you never know when the next jolt will come, agrees to supply free drinks at the season-opener against San Jose State. What a concept!

Q: davidallen760 said:
If you could force one player to switch positions, who would it be and why?

A: If I could make a change without worrying about ruining depth a certain position, I’d try Blake Ayles at defensive end for a game. He was very impressive at the position at Orange Lutheran and I think he could easily play it at USC.
But if I could really make a change that would hurt the depth of the team, I’d move Joe McKnight to receiver. This would take advantage of his speed and hopefully decrease the chances of getting hit by defensive linemen or linebackers who would try and strip the ball.

Q: Champion said:
Do you think the running game consisting of the running backs, full backs,and blocking of tight ends, wide receivers and offensive line will be able a strong spot for USC? Have you seen any improvement with the running game under Jeremy Bates with his NFL experience?

A: It was hard to judge the running game during spring because several tailbacks were hurt (McKnight, Gable, Bradford, Tyler for a few practices) and Stafon Johnson was used in a limited capacity. So there was no dramatic difference from last year. I still consider it to be a question for the next season in terms of whether it can dominate a game or possesses game-breaking capability. Those are the aspects that can set USC apart and I feel they’ve been missing since the Bush era.

Q: USCinema said:
Favorite Teen Wolf: Michael J. Fox or Jason Bateman?

A: Gotta go with the original, Michael J. Fox.

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