Answer Thursday! (Football Aloud)

Shocked that Tim Floyd would not answer any questions last night regarding the NCAA investigation?

Q: Trezman1 said:
Was it a big deal back in the late 80s that former UCLA quarterback Rick Neuheisel was attending USC for Law School, and also, was there any talk about a potential conflict of interest given that he was a Graduate Assistant at UCLA at the time?

A: It wasn’t too big of a deal, as I remember it. There were some things written in the papers but it was more of an amusement than anything else. It wasn’t considered a conflict because he wasn’t getting any football secrets at the law school.

Q: Peter Parker said:
Do you know if USC is recruiting any current 2011 recruits or are they focused on 2010 recruits?Are they recruiting 2011 running back D’Anthony Thomas from Crenshaw High School who says is the best running back propsect since Adrian Peterson?

A: They are recruiting 2011 and 2012 prospects and will have a lot of them at the summer camps. Late last season, one weekend was spent going to see underclassmen play because the staff felt it had seen enough of the seniors. I’ve heard they are recruiting Thomas but I don’t know if he’s got a favorite right now.

Q: Art Vandelay said:
Scott – thanks for the opportunity to ask you a question. Why does college baseball have have such an east and southern bias? Eight of the ten Big 12 schools that have baseball make the tourney, Same with the SEC. The Pac 10 gets only three teams in. The West regionals are stacked with the best west coast teams. Pat Murphy from ASU is on the selection committee, but I think they do a poor job.

A: I’ve never understood the baseball selection process. For years, USC seemed to either get sent to LSU or to play some ridiculous regional here with CS Fullerton and Pepperdine, so everyone could beat each other up. Not even Oregon State’s titles seem to make much impact. I know the Pac-10 was down this year but the Big 12 getting eight teams in was a joke. The bias to me is more of a Southern/Midwest bias, because Rhode Island got left out which was a travesty.
How UC Irvine got the worst regional as the No. .1-ranked team and league champion while Fullerton got an easier regional is also questionable.

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