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Q: osezno said:
Assuming D. Williams, McKnight and Gable all go pro after this year would/should it sway Havili more towards staying? With the backfield thinning and the loss of a key receiver I’d think he’d move up in the order of touches.

A: I don’t think players make their mind up based upon which teammates turn pro. It often revolves more around their own confidence in their ability or who turns pro at another school (see Mark Sanchez in that case). I think Havili would turn pro if he feels like he is ready for the NFL regardless of what the others do.

Q: Chitown Trojan said:
Is there simply no money to fire Chad Kreuter or has baseball become too irrelevant at USC to take the action of firing a coach for failing to perform and deliver even the most meager results?

A: I don’t quite know what the standards are. Mark Trakh certainly had a better record over six years and he is no longer the women’s basketball coach. So maybe baseball is becoming irrelevant.

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