Johnson Released

It’s official: Here’s what a USC spokesperson just said regarding basketball recruit Noel Johnson.
“Yes, he asked for his release … and USC is in the process of granting it … there isn’t a timetable, as there is some paperwork involved.”

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More On Johnson

If you are wondering why USC has not commented on whether top basketball recruit Noel Johnson received his release from his letter of intent, the official explanation is that no one has been in the compliance office for the past two days.
Perhaps Tim Floyd will clear it up when he speaks at the $85 per ticket event in Irvine tonight.

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Answer Wednesday! (Part 2)

I’ll defer to Barry Glendenning of the London Guardian, who predicted Barcelona’s victory over Manchester United in the Champions League final. And neatly summed up his feelings to fans if he got it wrong.

“By all means crow if I get it horribly wrong, but bear in mind it’s only an opinion that’s no more valid than that of anyone else … except you, obviously. Yes you, sitting there in your office or bedroom, reading this on your PC monitor, possibly with several other screens open, each of them showing something that’s probably illegal in several American states.”

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Pay Up

If you want to actually hear Tim Floyd speak in June, maybe you paid $85 to hear him at the coaches’ tour stop in Irvine tonight. It’s the second year in a row where Floyd keeps a low public profile due to NCAA allegations but does speak on a pay-per-view basis.

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