Answer Monday!

And away we go on the question-and-answer carousel, brought to you by Jolt Cola, the official sponsor of men’s basketball.

Q: TMB Alum said:
Do you really believe the explanation given that Nicola from Girls Aloud is deliberately putting on white powder to look pale? I just don’t buy it. Look at her legs and arms — they are just as pale as her face. I simply cannot believe someone deliberately attempts to look like a ghost so she could create a “trademark look.”

A: Hey, it was in a London tabloid. Everything is true in those papers.

Q: Mike said:
Wolf: an educated guess please: assuming the basketball violations are well-founded but there’s no smoking gun or new evidence in the Reggie Bush matter, what sanctions if any would you figure the football team gets? (P.S., no one cares about SC basketball).

A: I could see the NCAA making USC forfeit games, which would punish USC but not cost the NCAA any money by hurting one of its cash cows for football revenue.

Q: Nathan Exp said:
Scott, is Floyd as good as gone?

A: There is increasing buzz is that he could be gone. I have not heard that first-hand from anyone at USC but I’ve heard from a lot of people in college basketball circles who say they’ve heard it. So we’ll have to wait and see.

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