Answer Thursday! (GA Forum)

The GA stands for “Girls Aloud,” of course.

Q: JamesUSC99 said:
A website called Jersey Chaser has taken over as the website of choice for embarrassing personal Song Girl pictures, now that Busted Coverage has washed its hands clean of the Song Girls.

And that tattooed first year Song Girl who had already graduated when she was on the squad also has a nose ring? Are there ANY standards anymore for being selected a Song Girl?

Q: gotroy22 said:
Have UCLA administrators spanked the UCLA Song Girls now that their naughty photos have surfaced on the internet?

A: When does it end???

Q: Brad’03 said:
How could you say you did not know who would win in a fight between the Oregon cheerleaders and Girls Aloud? Clearly Girls Aloud would win in a very bloody first round knockout.

Just the facts:

A) The Oregon cheerleaders are wholesome All-American girls.
B) Four out of five members of Girls Aloud are from rough towns in the north of England and Northern Ireland. Cheryl Cole is from Newcastle which is so rough, it makes Pittsburgh and all of Ohio appear to have the romantic charms of Paris.

So the question is not so much who would win the fight, but whether Girls Aloud will resort to brutal and bloody drunk girls in a dive bar tactics, a la Danielle Lloyd.

A: I see your point. Let’s just hope no one gets seriously injured like Danielle Lloyd following her most recent bar fight.

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