Answer Friday! (CC Edition)


The CC stands for Cheryl Cole, of course.

Q: ashers said:
More ridiculous and inexplicable decision that defies logic and will forever live in shame – Cheryl Cole staying with Ashley Cole after he was publicly caught cheating on her, or Keli Snyder being cut as a USC Song Girl?

A: Decisions, decisions. I stay awake at night wondering about these types of dilemmas.

Q: anony4321 said:
On to my question…as it is now time to grill another Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, when can we expect the Song Girl leadership to answer questions about some the more disgraceful and questionable actions that have plagued the squad? Are the people behind the leadership given lifelong appointments? Is this why they are completely immune from any internal disciplinary actions? Fans, studends, and alumni have been ashamed for a long time over the disgraceful actions of some of the Song Girls.

A: They might as well have tenure. I just know tryouts and closed and they have concocted some fabulous lies about this blog in order to try and divert attention away from the real issue: Transparency.

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