Answer Monday! (Part 3)

A football question in here for those tired of basketball.

Q: JamesUSC99 said:
Is Henry Bibby cackling away these days with the sinister laugh of the evil non-genius that he is?

A: I believe he is cackling somewhere, but it is a fleeting cackle, as he then returns to the bitter soul he always was and complains about how he got fired for no reason.

Q: LV Trojan said:
Scott: At the various camps, especially the upcoming Rising Stars Camp, are coaches from other schools allowed in to view and evaluate players? If so, what gives the advantage to USC for holding such a camp besides being able to evaluate the players based on things they require the players to do?

A: No coaches from other colleges are allowed. The advantage of the camp is that gives USC a chance to recruit star players from all over the country and is essentially a recruiting visit that is not counted as a visit for the prospects. Plus the evaluation that goes on. There are a lot of recruits who receive (or do not receive) offers based on what they do at this camp.

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