Answer Tuesday! (Part 3)

What will be the next video statement released by USC?

Q: The Wizard of Troy said:
Kevin O’Neill is Irish. He has a reputation for being blunt, crass, and drinking. Chances he will make Nadine’s Irish Mist his watering hole of choice?

A: We’ll invite to make it even more likely he shows up.

Q: Charlie Bucket said:
reports on various websites describe O’Neil as an arrogant, moody, back-stabbing jerk who coaches really good defense. O’Neil and Caesar, soulmates made in Heaven?

A: Now come on. O’Neill did say he would have a twitter page. So there.

Q: davidallen760 said:
Wolfie- Last year Clay Matthews was a linebacker playing defensive end. This year, Aaron Armstead will be a defensive tackle playing end. How will USC’s defensive scheme be different? Do you think Pete Carroll is putting more emphasis on stopping the run since the linebackers are inexperienced and the secondary is incredible?

A: Carroll likes the idea of a 280-pound defensive end posing problems for an offense, especially because he does not think Armstead is too slow to play the spot. So he gives USC a physical presence on the edge without sacrificing quickness. Nose guards need to be agile anyways, so it’s an easy transition for Armstead. And he should help stop the run better, to answer your question. So the scheme won’t really change. Just the size of the d-end.