Answer Monday!

Time to start answering some of those questions that pop up during the summer.

Q: Jon said:
How much are Galen Center PSLs going for these days?

A: Two bags of peanuts and an rain check for soft-serve ice cream once the machine gets fixed.

Q: Hamburglar said:
September 12, 2009… USC Vs. Ohio State… Given what we know to date, who do you pick to win that game?

A: I’m not sure yet. I’d like to see how USC looks in training camp, when the running backs are all participating, unlike spring practice.

Q: Charlie Bucket said:
lots of discussion recently as to who is the most dominant football program (over last 10 yrs). please rank them between FLA, LSU, USC.

A: Let’s just say the Pete Carroll era to make it clearer. I think if you for consistency (no. of wins, losing once by double digits), it’s USC. If you go solely by crystal footballs, then you’ve got to give it Florida or LSU. So fans of all three schools can take something away. But Pete Carroll’s consistency is a remarkable achievement. It also frustrates some USC fans, who wonder why the Trojans have not won more national championships.

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