Answer Tuesday!

It’s definitely summer time when a Michael Jackson question sneaks into here.

Q: gotroy22 said:
If Mustain is ineligible this Fall does Pete plan on not redshirting Barkley?

A: He would keep Barkley available but not necessarily play him. It would depend on the circumstances and how Aaron Corp performs. It would affect Garrett Green, who would no longer practice at wide receiver and would probably need some quality reps in practice just in case he is needed.

Q: USCinema said:
Favorite Michael Jackson era:

A) 1970s Jackson 5 period.
B) 1980s Thriller period.
C) 1990s-2009 Freaky albino period.

A: I want to say A but I’m guessing the popular answer is B. Or is this where someone makes an analogy between C and Nicola from Girls Aloud?

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