Answer Tuesday! (Part 2)

Former USC strength coach Charr Gahagan, who was hired by Steve Sarkisian at Washington, recently quit to become head strength coach at North Texas.

Q: gilligan said:
Mr. Wolf, if the USC defense is successful (very likely) under Coach Seto, how many years as a DC does he need in order to get a head coaching position? Do you think he’ll land a quality position similar to Coach Sark (UW) or a crappy one like Coach Walker (NM)? Thanks.

A: Honestly, I think it would be more towards the latter for the same reason Dwayne Walker took a smaller job than Sarkisian despite a superior resume. The fact is college athletic directors remain hesitant to hiring minorities for high-profile jobs.

Q: Yoda said:
Derrick Williams Watch Day 5, this is.

heard from him, have you, hmmm?

A: May the force be with you.

Q: Locoweed 1.1 said:
Any chance KO convinces Gary Franklin (Mater Dei) to re-commit?

A: I know Kevin O’Neill will recruit Franklin, who is now officially open again. Whether he convinces him is too hard to tell. It often comes down to how a recruit gels with a coach. One thing, though. I don’t think Franklin solves the constant problem USC has at point guard, so the Trojans still need to find someone to play the point.

Q: kptrojan said:
What Trojan do you think will have a bigger impact next NBA season, Taj or DeMar? Fight On!

A: I think they both will get to transition slowly but DeRozan should make a bigger impact simply because when you are drafted that highly, the team feels obligated to play you more in order to show they did not make a mistake with their lottery pick.

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