GA Forum Answers


It’s time to answer the most-pressing questions of the week on the Girls Aloud Forum!

Q: Old School Trojan said:
When Kimberly Walsh was in LA recently, have you heard if she paid a visit to Nadine’s Irish Mist?

A: I believe she was just in Beverly Hills, unfortunately.

Q: USCinema said:
Do you know Cheryl Cole is a judge on a UK TV talent show right now with Simon Cowell called “The X Factor”? So it looks like she won’t be in LA when Chelsea visits.

A: Yes, she’s been in Birmingham this week filming the show. I hope to interview Ashley Cole next week, so maybe I’ll ask if his wife will be able to sneak over to L.A. for a day or two.

Q: USC’87 said:
Best version of “I Think We’re Alone Now”:

A) Tommy James & The Shondells
B) Tiffany
C) Girls Aloud

And also how about a reader poll asking this question?

ANSWER: If we have to watch a video, then it’s Girls Aloud hands down!

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