Answer Saturday!

The hidden questions edition!
These are some late football/basketball questions that missed earlier from the Weekend Forum.

Q: TrojanChamp said:

Is USC interested in Colorado transfer Josh Smith who is reportedly allowed to only transfer to USC or UCLA due to his desire of a music major which USC only has? Thank you.

A: He is interested in USC’s music major. USC’s shown some interest but right now there’s been no overwhelming interest to say that Smith will definitely be playing for the Trojans. He is released to go to USC and UCLA, but it’s not clear yet that USC wants him as much as he wanted a release to play for the Trojans. But as often happens with transfer situations, things can change.

Q: The Coach said:
Does USC have a chance with Dontae Williams, the running back from Texas? Any commits do you think that will decommit?

A: I think USC definitely has a chance but as of right now, the Trojans have not even offered William and he only has offers from SMU and Purdue. Considering that USC only wants to take a few running backs and already has three commits at the position, it might be a long shot. I haven’t heard of any commits who might change their mind.

Q: superlaker24 said:
Is Kevin O’Neil recruiting 2010 prospects or fill spots for 2009 team?

A: He is recruiting for 2010 prospects. There is a chance he will take guard-forward Guy Landry of Stoneridge Prep for next season, but no decision’s been made yet whether to offer him a scholarship. If recruiting for 2010 goes well this summer, it might make more sense to use that scholarship on a future player than someone for next season.