Answer Saturday! (GA Forum)

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Q: The Promenade said:
With Posh Spice back in LA, any chance you can interview her and ask for her opinion on fellow WAG Cheryl Cole? That could turn into a major international story.

A: Posh Spice is rarely accessible but I will try at the next Galaxy game I attend.

Q: Old School Trojan said:
On Monday, Cheryl Cole arrived in LA.

What is being planned to commemorate this historic visit? Will she go to Nadine’s Irish Mist? Is LA big enough for both Cheryl and Posh Spice? Will Cheryl be at the Chelsea game?

Will you be starting a daily Cheryl in LA Watch?

A: I’m in the midst of starting a Cheryl Watch with the Cole of the Day and will intensify my efforts.

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