Answer Wednesday! (Part 2)

Did you ask a questiion in the Weekend Forum?

Q: Art Vandelay said:
Does it seem odd to you that Ahmed Mokhtar is walking on at USC? He left Oregon State because of the people in front of him. With all the RBs on scholarship, and walk-ons being limited why is Caesar even allowing this happen?

A: What’s the risk or problem from USC’s point of view from adding another running back if he is not on scholarship? You can always throw someone on the scout team and let him take a beating instead of a scholarship player. Sounds like a no-lose situation for USC.

Q: superlaker24 said:
How many scholarship does USC have available for the recruiting class and how many players will they sign? Thank you.

A: For several reasons, including who will be eligible and who might turn pro, that number is always in flux at this time of year.

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