Answer Friday! (Part 2)

More football questions and football answers.

Q: YogiBear said:
In a recent SEC Preview special Sports Illustrated issue not mailed to subscribers, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Houston Nutt, and Lane Kiffin each got a cover. Here is Lane Kiffin’s cover:

What are your thoughts on Lane Kiffin before coaching a game getting a cover before Pete Carroll? One cover before Carroll already. If you can ask Pete Carroll on his thoughts on never getting on the cover when four SEC coaches do?

A: I will ask Carroll next week. I think Kiffin can thank Carroll for getting a cover, however, because he would not even be the coach at Tennessee if it wasn’t for Pete Carroll’s success at USC. Plus SEC schools get more attention, so it makes sense for him to get a cover now. But what I really want to know is why Kiffin doesn’t follow Carroll on twitter?

Q: The Promenade said:
Now that Mark Sanchez has left USC, are you able to say whether you knew about the vast differences about what he was really like and the misunderstood and wholesome persona he tried to put out there for the media?

I remember living in Cardinal Gardens and constantly having to put up with the antics of Sanchez and Brian Cushing and no one in the complex appeared particularly surprised when Sanchez got arrested. It seemed strange to those of us who came across him that his media persona was so different from the reality of what he was really like so did you ever buy into the wholesome routine he put on? Did you know what students at USC, especially those in Cardinal Gardens and later on in Ellendale, really thought of him and any of his antics that never made it into the media?

A: I would suggest you go back and check the archives of stories I wrote following the arrest, where I mentioned some incidents on campus that occurred, including one at a fraternity party. To be fair, I was also the only reporter who wrote about the weak nature of the case, which was eventually dropped. But I think my stories provided both sides.

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