Answer Saturday! (GA/SG Forum)


Finally, on to the vital forum answers.

Q: BoscoH said:
Continued thanks for all the forums, Scott. Trojan Nation is abuzz over Keyshawn Johnson’s new TV show on A&E, Keyshawn Johnson Tacking Design. Have you seen the show and do you have any favorite Keyshawn moments from his USC days?

A: I have not seen the show, amazingly. I didn’t get to cover him at USC but I know he was considered perhaps the most media friendly player ever and used to show up at press conferences even when he wasn’t invited. Of course, Petros Papadakis also did this but I ignored him.

Q: VB’s Office Plant said:
Scott with your offseason eurosport focus (futbol & F1) I am surprised that you don’t blog about the Tour. Are you a fan? do you follow it? Any comments? It was a great race this year. Next year with Radio Shack could be even better.

A: I did follow it a bit but I’m even more into it now that Alberto Contador slammed Lance Armstrong. That will make me follow next year’s race for sure.

Q: TrojaninDC said:
Was there a Cheryl Cole sighting during the Chelsea-Inter Milan game at the Rose Bowl?

A: Despite my best efforts, there was no Cheryl Cole sighting at the Rose Bowl. So I settled for Charlize Theron.

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