Answer Saturday! (GA/SG Forum, Part 2)

More good questions from the readers in this segment.

Q: The Wizard of Troy said:
This is what the members of Girls Aloud are doing during their break:

A) Cheryl is in LA working on a solo album and in discussions to host an American version of X Factor.
B) Sarah is getting work as an actress.
C) Kimberly is pursuing an acting career.
D) No one cares what Nicola is up to.

Yet Nadine’s plans revolve around her Irish pub? That’s it? Seriously? Is owning a pub the ultimate goal for an Irish person? Once they have reached their goal if owning a pub, is there nothing else for the Irish to strive for?

A: Hey, it’s hard work owning a pub. Someone has to make sure you don’t run out of alcohol or get overshadowed by the other watering holes in Sunset Beach. Maybe Nicola can help her if she has some free time.

Q: JamesUSC99 said:
According to media reports, when Cheryl Cole arrived at LAX she was not only met by many members of the media but also mobbed for autographs and pictures by a large number of fans. Apparently this seemed to have caught Cheryl off-guard as she remarked how she was surprised that anyone would know her in LA.

Since LA is the only place in the US she has ever been met by fans, do you attribute this incident to the growing power of this blog in Southern California?

A: Yes, I do. Who else in Los Angeles but this blog provides any information on Cheryl? I still say we are owed some free CDs and perhaps a personal appearance from Cheryl in response to our continued loyalty.

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