Answer Tuesday!

Time to answer some questions in the pre-training camp edition.

Q: winforever said:
Did you run into Petros Papadakis at media day? Were there any Petros stories? Remember last year him and Caesar went at it (or Caesar went over after P).

A: I did run into Petros. He was doing some type of webcast with Steve Physioc for the Pac-10, since he can never turn down any job. I did not witness any arguments or hear of any problems, like the one a couple years ago, which is good because Petros was missing his usual band of lackeys this media day although he did frequently hide in the Pac-10 control room where staff types were willing to suck up to him.

Q: USC’87 said:
Who has accomplished less in Los Angeles during the past two years, David Beckham or Posh Spice?

A: That is a tough call. Considering Beckham scored on a free kick against Barcelona, that’s one more thing than Posh has accomplished, so I give him the lead.

Q: The Coach said:
How is Patrick Hall’s eligibility and do you think he will be able to play at USC this season?

A: Hall needs to successfully complete some summer classes before he can become eligible.