Answer Tuesday! (Part 2)

A question about the linebacker corps in this segment.

Q: BoscoH said:
Time for the annual LenDale vs. Reggie question. According to news reports, LenDale has lost 37 pounds this offseason, while Reggie shed about 160 (plus the Jenner family) a couple weeks ago. Stats wise, who do you think has the better season this year?

A: I’ll have to go with LenDale White. I still have doubts about Reggie Bush being an every-down back or being durable enough to last a full season.

Q: Trojan Conquest said:
How do you see the linebackers doing this year? Who will start, who will excel, and who do you feel concerned about staying healthy? Losing Telford, does this make the loss of Burfict and Teo have a bigger impact this year or will SC just need to recruit strong at linebacker for next year?

A: I’m sure Chris Galippo, Michael Morgan and Malcolm Smith will start. The X factor is Luthur Brown, who always has some issues but will play if possible. But I’m not counting on him. Another guy who could contribute is Uona Kaveinga, who had a good spring and could play two spots.
And the guy who will get the most attention is Jarvis Jones. If he lives up to his hype, he should play this season and contribute, either at MLB or SLB. Even if Frankie Telfort were playing, USC would need to recruit linebackers. So it just becomes an even more vital need now.