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Q: TROJANS32 said:
Scott, how could PATRICK HALL have been allowed to practice when, a couple of years ago, BRIAN PRICE was not? It seems like both were in the same situation, both awaiting clearance from the NCAA clearinghouse. Thanx.

A: I can’t comment specifically on Price because I don’t remember his situation since I do not cover UCLA. But there are differences with every case, even at USC. The NCAA allows athletes to practice when all their work is completed and submitted. However, if you practice you risk starting your NCAA eligibility clock once school starts and if you are not eventually cleared by the NCAA.
USC’s had players over the years who were held out even after they completed the work because it was felt that it was not worth the risk to start practicing them before the NCAA cleared them. It depends on how confident the school is that all academic requirements were met. So USC felt pretty good about Hall that he could start practicing once he finished his work but before he was officially cleared. Unfortunately, for him, he tore knee ligaments the first day.

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