Answer Sunday! (GA Forum)


Time to attack the ultimate forum.

Q: August 14, 2009 1:00 PM
TMB Alum said:
Within weeks of Cheryl Cole being mentioned as a judge on the American version of X Factor, Posh Spice suddenly becomes a judge on American Idol. She was initially going to replace Paula Abdul for one show, but it now looks like a longer term deal.

Is the Cheryl Cole versus Posh Spice battle for LA officially on?

A: Maybe or maybe not. According to the New York Daily News, Posh was “icy and wooden” in her debut on Idol (huge surprise!). So she will have to loosen up for that longer-term deal. But I’ll take Cheryl in this battle, of course.

Q: Nathan Exp said:
Scott, can you expand your musical horizon to include girl bands who really rock like The Donnas?

A: Send me a song and I’ll make it our song of the day.

Q: Brad’03 said:
The coach of the UCLA Dance Team, Nicole, is also a member of the LA Clippers Spirit Dance Team:

Nicole was also an inaugural member of the Boston Celtics Dancers which happened to include several former Trojan Dance Force members. If that’s not enough, the coach of the Celtics Dancers is the twin sister of the coach of the Trojan Dance Force.

Is this the ultimate six degrees of separation without the nepotism of the USC Song Girls?

A: And I noticed in the link you included that she lists USC grad Will Ferrell as someone she would like to take a road trip with. No doubt her experience with UCLA and Celtics makes her an expert on transperency and open tryouts. No wonder she’s not involved with the song girls!

Q: Trojan in Redondo said:
Let’s say I go to Nadine’s Irish Mist and make some anti-English slur. Will they then comp all my drinks for the rest of the day?

A: No, they will comp you for the rest of the month.