Answer Sunday! (GA Forum)

Finally wrapping up the ultimate forum. Whew!

Q: gotroy22 said:
When do we get your report on the Song Girl Reunion 2009?

A: I believe they have their reunion at Homecoming.

Q: The Promenade said:
What are your thoughts of Cheryl Cole changing her image to a redhead in anticipation of her upcoming solo album which is produced by an American,, and will be her first major push to break the American market?

A: As usual, she is ahead of the curve and I’m sure her red-head look will help her take the country by storm, especially if she can get on an American version of X Factor.

Q: bsingleton said:
Posh Spice is younger than Paula Abdul. She is way hotter than Paula Abdul. She is far more successful than Paula Abdul. She is not all weird like Paula Abdul.

How could anyone support Paula Abdul over Posh Spice as a judge on American Idol?

A: You won’t find me complaining on this one. Now if you said Cheryl Cole, it would be a different story.

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