More Harris Voters

Earlier today we mentioned former USC athletic director Mike McGee as the only Harris Poll voter with any connection to the school. Notre Dame’s got at least five: Roger Valdiserri, a long-time sports information director; radio broadcaster Don Criqui; former athletic director Gene Corrigan along with former players Allen Pinkett and Derrick Mayes.

Post-Practice News

Nick Perry returned to practice and will play against Cal. Luthur Brown and Malcolm Smith will make the trip to Cal. Ronald Johnson, who ran after practice, said he will play in the Notre Dame game.
Mitch Mustain is mounting a serious challenge for the No. 2 QB spot. Pete Carroll said his velocity is stronger this week than at any time since training camp started.

Mike Who?

For some reason, the Harris Poll lists voter Mike McGee as a representative for USC. McGee was USC’s athletic director from 1984-93. But he was the football coach at Duke from 1971-78 and the athletic director at South Carolina from 1994-2005.
He also played at Duke and here’s a small fact: He is a Southerner.
Nothing wrong with that, except if you try to list him as a Pac-10 voting rep.

QB Matchup

The Davey O’Brien Award lists Matt Barkley vs. Kevin Riley as one of the “notable” quarterback matchups this week.
But it’s “Marquee Matchup” is Washington’s Jake Locker vs. Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen.
“He’s a frontline quarterback,” Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis said of Locker. “He can make the tough throws. All you have to do is see the last drive of the USC game and you know that kid is a play maker.”

Familiar Face

Former USC tailback Michael Coleman worked out on campus yesterday. He still hopes to return to school and earn his degree but he and the football program were never able to work out a return so he will not play football again for the Trojans.