Answer Thursday! (Part 5)

It’s the belated forum answer session.

Q: Trojan in Redondo said:
From this point forth, will the phrase “Wally Pipped” forever be changed to “Aaron Corped”?

A: The day of the injury I didn’t think that was a valid comparison but after listening to Pete Carroll gush about Matt Barkley the last few weeks, I’d say it seems like a spot-on comparison.

Q: uscmike said:
Okay, Scott. It is prediction time. Please give your prediction for the following items:
1. USC’s W-L record in regular season.
2. The teams to whom USC will lose in regular season.
3. The Pac-10 Champion
4. USC’s Bowl game (and opponent, if you like) and result (W or L)
5. USC’s final AP ranking.
6. Number of starts by Barkley and Corp.
7. The two teams in BCS Finals (and the winner).
A: This does not sound like one question, but call me crazy. I’ll do starts by Barkley v. Corp (13-0) and two teams in the BCS finals (Florida v. Texas with Tim Tebow the winner). And I pick USC to win the Pac-10. There that’s three answers.
Q: barney said:
In the earlier scrimmages, when Mr. Mustain had such fine stats, was it not the same scout team Barkley faced today (8/29) when MM was working with the 2nd or less unit and if so is there something I’m missing here before passing harsh judgment on Mr. Barkley after today?

A: You may be right but Barkley v. Corp is the real battle that took place during this QB competition, at least until Corp got hurt.

Q: JamesUSC99 said:
What do you know about the rumors going around about Aaron Corp and his family having preliminary discussions regarding a transfer to Colorado?

A: I have not heard these rumors but at this point, I don’t discount anything although Corp’s said he will not transfer.

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