Answer Wednesday!

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Q: Chitown Trojan said:
Will this be the year you finally take your picture with the Stanford Dollies?

A: Without thinking too much about it, I’m going to guess not.

Q:Trojan in Redondo said:
Why does Posh Spice love LA so much when she hasn’t actually accomplished anything here, her husband is constantly being booed and physically threatened, and they have now been mostly abandoned by their celebrity “friends”? Only Tom Cruise still remains among the Beckhams’ celebrity friends and he’s barely even a celebrity these days, but more a promoter of intergalactic alien rights and spaceships.

A: The weather is better than London, every celebrity in the world practically lives a stone’s throw from their mansion and she still harbors hopes of making it in America, following her appearance on American Idol.

Q: JamesUSC99 said:
Have you heard the news about Sarah Harding possibly heading to Los Angeles to star in The Brazilian Job, the follow-up to The Italian Job?

Is the perfect storm brewing here? Nadine is in Orange County with her Irish pub. Cheryl is heading to LA to be on the American version of The X Factor. Sarah is heading to Hollywood to be a movie star. And Nicola stays in the UK!

A: Well said. If Sarah does well in the St. Trinian’s sequel, the sky is the limit.

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