Answer Thursday!

Time to answer football questions!

Q: Chitown Trojan said:
Do you get the impression Aaron Corp is now a completely beaten and defeated young man?

A: I do believe that the last couple weeks have taken a toll and this week’s push by the coaching staff to give more reps to Mitch Mustain is more evidence.

Q: spottedcow said:
Rather than blame Bates, shouldn’t more fans be blaming John Morton for the passing/receiving game’s poor performances?

He has been here two years and we have yet to see any real development out of the plethora of 4 and 5 star recruits that we have stockpiled at the WR position.

A: I think it’s fair to say that the wide receivers have been inconsistent the past few years. This year, David Ausberry’s had some drops and it seems like the players deeper in the rotation simply do not get chances to prove they deserve playing time in games.

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