Answer Monday! (Part 3)

Back to the football forum!

Q: kuhn said:
Other than likely having Ronald Johnson return against ND, in what ways will USC benefit from having a bye this week?

A: In retrospect, of course, I don’t know that the bye made much difference other than allowing Armond Armstead to play, which mattered because Christian Tupou was hurt. But the whole having two weeks to prepare did not seem significant. Then again, Notre Dame also had two weeks, so that could negate any advantage.

Q: trojanfanmatt32 said:
I have a dilemma, I live in the Midwest (raised in L.A.), but am a diehard Trojan Fan. I look for news all over the net for all things Trojan. My problem is that I can’t find any objective writing besides Gary Klein at the LA Times, but he doesn’t have a blog like you do. USCRIPSIT is good, but is almost as bad as you are, i.e. they pretend all things are good, you pretend all things are horrible. I guess my question is; is there un-objective blog about USC that you read that might have a quality journalist that writes it? Thank you – TrojanFanMatt

A: Yes, there is. Go here.

Q: Ren Lopez said:
What are the chances that Stafon Johnson is granted a redshirt and comes back to USC next year?

A: The chances are very good he will be granted a redshirt. The question is whether he wants to come back or decides to go to the NFL instead.

Q: JAG said:
Which is a better day in the life of Scott Wolf?

USC wins a NC without Norm Chow, or….

ESPN offers you a radio talk show called Inside Scott Wolf, so you can do the same thing you do now, without having to maintain the pretense of being a beat reporter with inside sources.

A: None of the above. Volunteering to answer blog questions satisfies my day more than enough.

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