Answer Monday! (Part 5)

Back to the answers.

Q: You never finished answering all the Open Forum questions from last week. My question, how many potential draft picks are currently on the roster? Can you give us a number please based on your observations.

A: That’s an open-ended question. You mean this year? I count 21. But that includes draft-eligible players like Everson Griffen, Joe McKnight and Stanley Havili. Plus guys like Christian Tupou, who will be back but are still draft eligible. And C.J. Gable. And Stafon Johnson. So it’s hard to pare that number down right now.

Q: What the heck is Bates doing on the sideline? The guy really doesn’t look comfortable there. He should move up to the booth where he can be all brainy and Zen like, then JohnnyMo can be on the field rallying the troops.

A: He drinks his three cups of coffee then goes to the field and holds his big call sheet. Then he goes and sits on the bench when the defense is on the field.

Q: BobRano said:
Have you read the new Steve Bisheff book “Always Compete”? I see you were qouted in there and said some nice things about Caesar. What is your take on the book?

A: Unfortunately, I have not received a copy of the book or read it yet, but I’m interested in your take, so send me your comments.

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